Don’t ask…

Don’t ask…

Sometimes I get silly ideas.. and they end up being drawn. Some time ago I stumbled over some old Westlife song, ‘When your looking like that’. And a while back I had this idea of the Next Era boys dancing to some boy band song. So when I heard the Westlife song, I couldn’t help googling Westlife album covers and I took the silliest most boyband one I could find and re-drew it with the Next Era boys. The result was this:

Now.. yesterday I stumbled over a Backstreet boys song ‘As long as you love me’ and.. it happened again.

Those two, especially the last one, are probably the most gay images I have ever drawn. And I love them! XD
Also, covers can be found here:
Backstreet boys

Just felt like sharing.


  1. Bunny

    I love how you more or less just copied the guy for Metro straight off XD
    Also, I laughed… <.<;,

  2. admin


  3. KennyMan666

    I don’t even.

  4. SamBlob

    …makes me wonder what you’d do with this:

  5. admin

    Hahaha, cool one :D

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