June 21st, 2010


Hiya All!

Ehrm, this might seem awkward… With such a sudden break in the usual style on the comic. Well that’s because we will let Sofie, the regular artist, have the break she wishes for. Heck, we all know she deserves one. She’s been sharing her excellence to us all for such a long time.
I’m not saying she will be back, though. That’s her choice, not mine. What IS my choice, however, is the one I just made!

A while back, when dear Sofie started having second thoughts, I started to make a small batch of pages to take up after her. She has seen the script for a few of the pages and the first finished one, what I can remember. But the script was filled with holes and unfinished… Is still, I’m afraid… But I did get the hints I needed to become able to finish the rest of the pages without her aid. Not even Sofie will have seen the future pages of this storyline!

Anywhoo, to the point. I decided that I will finish that script and do the comic. If nothing else, but to show Sofie how much her work really means to us. I already have a few pages in a buffer, there should be an update each monday a few weeks up ahead at least.

Thus, let My rein as an artist begin! And enjoy the poor drawings with the worse dialogue and plot-holes… Ehrm… *cough*

This is for you, my beloved friend.

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    Aw *hugs*

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