Hi everyone!

I feel like I need to explain my absence. Since November I have had problems finding what makes me continue with this comic and I admit, I wasn’t far from quitting back then. I felt trapped in a very uncreative environment, and if you think back to November, you probably noticed hints of that.. I didn’t really feel like I got any support and sometimes it even felt like nothing I did was good enough. I’m not blaming anyone thought, so no evil rants please. However, I felt I had to finish up Hunter so I kept at it. Sure, all comics so far has had down periods, but that wasn’t what happened but I continued. But by the end of May my motivation had faded. I mentally said to myself, let it go for now. So I did. And suddenly a world opened in front of me and I felt lost. Let me try to explain it.. before, whatever I drew, I drew so I would be a better comic-artist. Consciously or sub-consciously, whatever. But when I mentally let go of the comic, I could suddenly control what I wanted to become better at. I felt liberated and extremely lost at the same time so I started drawing random things, trying to find what I wanted to work on. I found myself drawing faces, trying different style, different ways to evolve and it felt like it was worth spending time on. After a chat with the art director at work, we both agreed on that faces was something I should work on, both for my own sake and for my professional career. Later I will move onto bodies and landscapes. I want to evolve, I never ever want to stand still in my only ability, that I’m so fortunate to actually be working with! And at the moment.. It feels like Next Era is holding me back.. not helping.
I have a process when it comes to drawing. I draw, I finish, I like it for a week then I hate it and wish I could re-do it. A week is usually the standard time. But now during these two weeks I have drawn something one day, and hated it the next, thus improving every day, or at least it feels like it. I’m going to publish these things that I’ve drawn over at my DA some time in the future.
..Where was I? Ah yes. I’ve also started thinking about creating a dev-blog for myself so I can record my progress and maybe help other artists and discuss improvement with other artists. But where does that leave NE for me? I’m not sure to tell you the truth. When I’ve been practicing I have been using my characters from NE of course. I’m very fond of them, they mean very much to me, probably more than most of you realize and I don’t feel like I want to kill what I have, what we have here on NE, because I still love them. But I don’t know if I’ll get back to drawing them, at least not officially for the page. The stories are great, and I dream of visualizing every one of them, but that’s just a personal desire, not something I want to be forced into, pressured into. And who is forcing me? Well I am of course. I’m very dedicated to my projects and if I find something I love, I will keep it close to my heart forever, it will never fade. I still have tons of Lugia figurines in my bedroom since my Pokémon days! That’s also how I feel with the characters here at NE. They are family to me, and probably always will be, so this doesn’t mean I’ll stop drawing them, they will hopefully evolve with me… But not here. So where am I going with this overly long explanation? I’m taking a break from Next Era. I don’t know for how long though, and I’m hoping no one will give me a hard time for it. I want to evolve, to become more than I already am and I hope everyone will understand that. ..The three (or something) of you who reads this. Where this leaves the rest of you, well you are free to decide that on your own, and if anyone have any questions, ask or mail me.


Also, quick note. Very much Gary in the main character in this movie ;)


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  2. KennyMan666

    While I of course understand, I can’t help but feel that it’s a shame that it happens now so close to the end of Hunter. We’re what, four pages from the end?

    But, yeah, do what you feel like doing for a while.

    (also you should totally come to Gothenburg at some point this summer to hang out with Flex and me)

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