Yo gais, ’tis me again…

I’d like to explain myself for those interested, if you arn’t jump to the end and ignore this.
The legend-series might seem to be unconnected with the rest of the Next Era universe, seeing as it deals more about supernatural creatures than technological and described in such ways that new technology may or may not exist. That is because it is more about the Xenox family than the Hunters. Woods just happen to stand in between. If you do not like the fact that they are canon, you may ignore them as I have no plans in mixing the two at any point. I mostly write these in one sitting and with the intent of making them stand alone. Something I don’t do with the main-story I’m working on at the moment. But thats a secret for now.

Now to what may interest you. I’ve posted a new story: Hunt. Enjoy


  1. admin

    Woo story!

  2. KennyMan666

    Pah! Supernatural shit is fun because it means you can come up with pseudoscientific bullshit explanations that seem valid but make no fucking sense if you start paying attention.

    Or it was just a mad scientist who created the stuff for shits and giggles.

  3. Bunny

    Hah! I havn’t even bothered making it that far xD

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