Hi everyone!

It’s comic-update-day.. and I’m not going to update. My computer decided it didn’t want the pressure-sensitivity on my wacom to work, and when I finally got it to work I wasn’t really in a mood to draw anymore. However instead I compiled two sketchdumps for you pleasure.

Oh and a warning; some sketches don’t make any sense. What so ever.

Also, on a different subject, my husband got his job back! Yay, how great isn’t that! He will start in a week.. so no more slacking for him!
My mom also called and told me she broke a bone in her hand at work today and now she can’t work for four weeks.. :/

Well. That is all I think.


(also.. some sketches was drawn during a game session.. what game were we playing? A cookie for the one who guess correctly! You can’t guess Peter. Cause.. you were playing the game.)

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  1. KennyMan666

    The scary part is that a few of those make more sense than they should. And that’s not in a good way.

    Also, Super Smash Bros, either Melee or Brawl. And now I’m going to stop before I get ideas.

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