Two – Contest

Two – Contest

Hi there, I just wanted to say “Hi there I’ve posted two one-shot-stories” so… I’ve posted two one-shot-stories! ^^


The two stories are about One and Other of Two… Who are they? Well, actually they’ve been mentioned in one of all our stories, with those names even. I’m gonna let you guys guess which, a contest if you please.

Here’s the rules:
Go to: The Text-Archive and find the first mention of the of Two!
The first to post the right title of the story will get a price. A PRICE!!! and what the price will be? You pick a theme for the next one-shot-story I will write about them. (A theme can be something like, Love, Fascination, 18-century art, Pants. One or two words simply)

A second rule, in the btw, those two of you that hold this site with me will have to let the others get an advance. Let’s give everyone else, say, two days before one of you two tell which story it is… AND if it’s you who tell it, you get to say the theme.
This means you, Magnus and Sofie and Saturday


  1. admin

    Um i might as well..

    ‘Sand’ is the answer.

    >>; Guess I was first

  2. Bunny

    I’d say you are… and completely correct…
    So, what’s the theme? :3

  3. admin

    ‘Covered in bees’

  4. KennyMan666

    We are bees. We hate you.

  5. Bunny

    What the hell? That’s… a weird theme… and I love it ^^

  6. Bunny

    I’ve added the next part, using the Theme gotten from fie.

    Also, if someone knows how to make indentations using (x)html, pretty please. Only thing I’ve found that does what I wish is, apparently, not a certainty on all browsers >_<  

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