A new year, a new chance for failure!

There was no christmas content, no new year’s content, and from me, no content whatsoever!

But, so, what’s going to happen 2010? A few things.

I have some projects going on – 2010 will see at least one new subsection of the website, named “Articles” (I was going to call it “Editorials”, since that’s a much more awesome word, before I found out that’s not the kind of writings that will appear there). There may or may not be another section added for something else entirely as well, but that depends on how much I actually get done, since I won’t make it happen unless I have a significant portion of content for it. Stay tuned.

Symphony should hopefully be finished sometime this year. Promising that is kind of a tradition for me now.

Stories that were started, which may or may not happen: Bridge, Mantis, Tag, Navigation, untitled non-canon story. Stories that were not started yet, which may or may not happen: untitled mindfuck/continuityfuck/clusterfuck story, untitled action story, another untitled action story, future storyline to follow up on Symphony with the collective heading of Cerberus, Fortress.

So there you have it.

Will there be more contests? Maybe. Has there been progress on Tribute? To some degree.


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