Hunter page 38
November 16th, 2009

Hunter page 38

Hi again! What do you know, a comic this week! I actually finished the art for this one 2 days ago so I’ve been mostly chillin’ today.
I’ve had a very productive weekend actually. I’ve been sketching alot on papper, just drawing what came to mind at the moment. Very relaxing and liberating. This resulted in several images: Gary manly pose, Silver sniping pose, Raines looking all concerned, two headshots of Melissa – one tired and one sexah.. oh yea.. One ‘ready to kick some ass’ picture of Snex and Silver and one ..sensual action view of Melissa.

I’ll scan these when I have some time over and put them here. That was all from me, enjoy this weeks comic!



  1. Bunny

    Haha! it looks like Gary checks out the pantyshot-girl before looking for Type. Which has gone out his way to find a nice car to lift… I hope it’s ensured O_o

  2. Bunny

    Also, I really have to say that these last pages has been drenched in amazing and awesome. It shows that you like your new puter ;) The details has grown. The details on the shadowing is really nice. Not to mention the bgs. THE BACKGROUNDS!!! They are GOLD!!! I mean, there’s two man-holes in one frame of this image. TWO! And they are detailed!!! The characters in the backdrop all have their own style and seem to be unique persons by themselves! Also, it shows that you like drawing cars ;) Both of them in this page alone is glorious. And I do love the look on Type, even though he barely shows in that there shadow xD Short version. Awesome

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