The stuff that dreams are made of

The stuff that dreams are made of

Here at the Next Era Network, we keep a close eye on any developments related to the classic Mega Man franchise, because, hey, that’s what we grew up with and the reason we are what we are today.

So there was Mega Man 9. Rokkuman 2 de ippatsu neta.

And now, Mega Man 2.5D.

Just look at all this glory!

Also 2-player mode with Proto Man fuck yes. All sensors indicate that this will be a glorious game of much awesome.

And the developer is Swedish. How awesome is not that?

In other news, the Dreamhost account has now been paid in full, meaning we have another two years confirmed.

Additionally, this last weekend saw the big Next Era gathering of ’09. The only one missing was our resident Thai, who’s in America.

Things that were done:
– Playing Worms
– Playing Starcraft
– Playing Little Big Planet
– Going around in cars
– Barbecue (“I’m standing by a fire!” is my new catchprase)
– Movie watching (Rat Race, Starshitship Troopers 3, Cube Zero, Dracula: Dead and Loving it)
– Making of what now is the official Next Era pizza

And, of course, last but not least:
– A lot of insane chattering about everything under the sky.

Pictures of this plus a longer description of the whole debacle is likely to come later.

Additionally additionally, check out our Tropes page.


  1. Metro

    We have a PIZZA!? :o

  2. admin

    Yes we do! We made a huge pizza which was devided into five pieces. There was bacon on it, and cheese, and mushrooms, and bacon, and ham, and bacon, and cheese, and pineapple… and did I mention we had BACON ON IT! :D

  3. Metro


  4. Zen

    And so does everyone else.
    I propose that we rename it to “The official Next Era Bacon (with pizza on it)!”

  5. Metro

    My god… that’s brilliant!

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