I’ve been looking into the Archive issue, and I am starting to realize that it will be a hard to make it better with my limited php knowledge. However, I made a little dropdown menu seen on the right above the calendar. I don’t like how it shows the month and the posts, I’d rather like it to show the comic names. So if I am able to change the listing so you see the names, is a drop down menu an interesting idea?
And if anyone know any php and knows how I get the names instead of the month and count, please help. But I’ll look into it. Right now it is extremely weird, but I found out how I make it show the comic name. I just have to solve the fact that it doesn’t just get the comic archive but the blog archive as well. hm. How do I solve that one…

But just, it’s not done by far, so it looks like crap. Bare with me :P

There will be a comic up later today if I am able to contact a certain someone.

EDIT: I solved the issue! So when you press the drop down list it shows only the name of the comic, and when you click one it will redirect you to the chosen comic! Believe it or not, I solved this one myself! Man I’m GOOD! (also, mayor credits to for getting me started!) I was no thinking of having the rolldown as the archive, but in the Archive Page, create a better looking archive for each chapter instead of each page. What do you think of that? Opinions?



  1. Bunny

    I argee…

    that the archive page should be after each chapter rather than date, that is. though I enjoy the calender I think a rolldown is better, though I’d want to see both. gives you options :)

  2. admin

    Yes, well the calendar is given anyway so it’s staying. :)

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