He is back! Still kicking ass and looking good.

He is back! Still kicking ass and looking good.

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(I might be just a little bit late on this, but heck! I missed it and my damned roomate though it was “of no greater intresse” and didn’t tell me. He might know more about everything then wikipedia but he have a interface that is just to hard to handle sometimes. Megaman, not that important? Geesh.)

Megaman 9! Woo!

It have been years since the last Megaman game was released. And to be honest, I did not fancy the look of it. It wasn’t really a BAD game, it just… didn’t feel right.
But now! Now he is back! Looking like he should, kicking ass the old fashioned way!
Some personal favorites are the dark megaman, the nifty looking dragon and that we atlast get to see megaman upside down!

Now then. Robotmasters!

* Magma Man
* Galaxy Man
* Jewel Man
* Concrete Man
* Hornet Man
* Plug Man
* Tornado Man
* Splash Woman

Is what the robotmasters are, if you want to belive wikipedia. Havn’t seen any information on the robotmasters anywhere else thou. Wierd.
But if its true and I just missed something then, atlast! Woman! If they actually had put in a “Woman man” too the joke would be complete. (Other variations are “Man man”, “Man Woman” “Woman Woman” and “Womans Man Woman”)
Also, Plug man? Well… after Hard man and Flash man I guess they just needed one of those names where you think twice before you just go “Nooo… they would not do that…. would they?”
Buuuut that might just be me.

Anyhow! This will be great. Now we just need a inbetwen game for the original series and the X series and I will be truly happy.


  1. admin

    … oh lord. I will never look at Flashman and Hardman the same way again! *runs of crying*


    On a nother note, I love the trailer and I’m looking forward to the game ^^

  2. Bunny


  3. KennyMan666

    May I ruin Wood Man for you as well?

    I mean, WOOD Man. Seriously.

  4. admin


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