And on the eleventh day, he created the Cast page

And on the eleventh day, he created the Cast page

So, I’ve done things to the cast page. Tell me what you think. Thought it’d make sense to have it in the same style as crew. Pretty sure you can see the justification for why I think the listed ones are the characters that should be featured there. The order of them can be discussed, I just tossed them in.

Anyway, for that page, we just want short descriptions of them. For the painfully detailed information, there’s the wiki. So, ladies (well, lady) and other geeks, get to work.

Also, lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.

/Kenny, posting obscure words since 2001


  1. Bunny

    Well, I’d say that Gary and Raines should be at Ze bottom or not mentioned at all, since they arn’t really Main characters in the meaning that they will work continually with the rest of the gang. However, they are main characters in about the same way as the crew in conscripts, people that show up and take a lead role in a story but not the main storyline.
    If we tagged them along, we’d really have to tag along Hailius, Crew of Conscripts, and many other of… err, my stories minor characters. (jay kay yosh as well) and that’d be too many. Too be honest I’m even doubtful about Types presence. As I see the Main cast it’s: Silver, Snex, 666, Metro and Shiva, in that order. Which is odd since there’s more text’s with Type than Shiva, but still =/

  2. KennyMan666

    My rationale pretty much was “they’re in the banner, thus they get to be on the cast page”.

  3. Bunny


  4. admin

    I love that you made the names as links for the wiki. Great job Kenny. As for the order, Metro should move up above Raines and Gary, but that’s about it from me :)

  5. Zen

    I think the big guys would fit there, Silver, Snex, 666, Type, Shiva, Metro. Gary and Raines are welcome to stay for me but:
    Maybe do a secondary link to the groups?

    Personally; It would be more awesome to be able to find all the people there but then I think it would be easier to do secondary pages after the Cast page.
    Cast -> Main Chars
    Cast -> Minor Chars
    Cast -> Crew of Conscripts
    Cast -> Atos & the engineers *hint hint*
    and so on and so on.

    Thoughs? Ideas? Should we be talking about this on the open board where everyone can read it?


    //Zen – Worked 2 hours over-time today just too see if I still feelt pain. I do!

  6. KennyMan666

    Yes, that’s a valid point, and I considered doing something of the sort… but ultimately decided to keep only the main characters (read: those present in the banner, plus Silver who apparently thinks she’s too cool to hang out in a banner) on the cast page, and leave the rest to the wiki for now. There’s really only two groups, main and support characters. If anything, I’d say have the secondary characters below the main characters, with smaller images and shorter descriptions… but I felt that’d clutter up the page in the long run. That, plus I found there weren’t enough important support characters to make such a category on this page meaningful.

  7. Bunny

    Well, we could take it in the irc, but seeing as of I not really being really active there it’d be difficult… …

    Anyway. I think we should have the most important characters here, then link to the wiki. The wiki is for things like that. Keeping tabs on characters, that is. BUT, I’d still think it would be a awesome idea to have all characters in short on this page as well, and more detailed on the wiki. However, in that case someone needs to sit down and write something short about each one of them And Silver has to be willing to commit herself to draw each and everyone of them.

  8. admin

    Well, I’d vote against the idea of having all characters here. I will draw all characters for the wiki eventually, but I don’t see the reason with the Wiki if we present everyone here. The wiki is of course for people who wants more information that is given here. I get the idea that it might be overwhelming to send people to the wiki as well, since it’s not short infromation. However, got any any ideas how many characters we actually do have? There are quite a lot. :P And as for your comment there flex, I’ve thought of a system like that but the idea of subpages, that I don’t like. Otherwise, sure it would have been a great idea ^^

  9. Bunny

    Simple! We only include the characters that are introduced so far. That is: those characters so far introduced in the comics. And banner, of course. Which, so far, is all those we have here. If Conscripts are the next story we can add those here. If Harbour/HQ is next, then we include the characters from there. That way we don’t have unnessecary characters mentioned.

    (I hope people made sense of that)

  10. admin

    Yea made sense. Not sure I like it though haha. But then again, I don’t really have to worry about that right now anyway since it’s a while until new characters will be introduced.

  11. KennyMan666

    Makes sense, but honestly I don’t like it. It seems to put too much emphasis on the comic, when the stories (which I’m still trying to figure out a proper way to feature) are the real backbone of the whole thing.

  12. Zencorp

    Lets just go with the banner people plus Silver and then a link to the wiki at the bottom like “MOAR!”
    Sounds good for everyone? :P

  13. Bunny

    I always thought this page to be for the comic while another page would be for the stories. but yeah, I agree with Zenzen, let’s just have these guys here. Most characters are explained through the stories featuring them anyways. Alternativly, let anyone who wishes to add a short descript of whatever character they wish.

  14. KennyMan666

    This is the Next Era Network. It’s THE Next Era page. The stories are supposed to be here. Hell, there’s other things I want to get up here once they’re done, but first I have to figure out what to do with the stories before I start thinking about other stuff that right now doesn’t exactly fit in any of the current subpages…

    Also, unrelated: While they’re nowhere near main characters for us, I feel a case could be made to include X and Zero on the Cast page. Any thoughts on this?

  15. admin

    I’d like to keep Capcom characters away. But that’s just my opinion.

  16. Bunny

    I think we should add them sooner or later since we acctually use them quite alot… I’m wondering if we’ve yet to reach the time to tell capcom about this…

    Anyway, just slam the stories into a stories button. The bigger question would be order, I say timeline related.

  17. KennyMan666

    Silver: Well yeah I know exactly what you mean about that. I’m myself torn about whether or not to include them at all.

    Bunny: Yeah, definitely in chronological order. I’m gonna take a look at this.

  18. SamBlob

    “Nor again is there anyone who loves or pursues or desires to obtain pain of itself, because it is pain, but because occasionally circumstances occur in which toil and pain can procure him some great pleasure.”

    or, as Cicero originally said it:

    “Neque porro quisquam est, qui dolorem ipsum quia dolor sit amet, consectetur, adipisci velit, sed quia non numquam eius modi tempora incidunt ut labore et dolore magnam aliquam quaerat voluptatem.”

    Yes, I am a nerd… ^^;

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